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Differential correction with NA2011 and the newest epoch of NAD83

See our and Datums Basics and GPS Tutorials for the long-awaited results of months of rigorous testing and peer review

Trimble Positions software has replaced Trimble GPS Analyst in ArcGIS 10.1

Changes in Trimble Pathfinder Office post-processing of GPS data in light of NA2011 (2013) PDF Print E-mail

 A. Changes in 2012

Previously, the NGS “Old” ITRF00 coordinates exactly matched Trimble CBS “Offline” ITRF00 coordinates.  Both referenced to ITRF00, values could be compared directly, that is, no transformations were necessary. 

Burning Thoughts 2012 PDF Print E-mail

Spatial-Ed's observations and analysis of the Burning Man event and impacts to desert


Black Rock DesertThe challenge is not one of how to prevent any human-induced change, but rather one of deciding how much change will be allowed to occur, where, and the actions needed to control it.  

- Stankey, 1985 

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What is NA2011 - National Adjustment 2011? PDF Print E-mail

NGS (National Geodetic Survey) recently updated the coordinates and velocities for all CORS stations. This aligned the CORS network of 2000+ active controls stations (a GNSS receiver in a fixed location) with over 180,000 passive controls (monuments, brass caps and similar physical locations marked by survey). 

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